Protecting Shareholders' Rights

The company's systems, policy and practice reflect the controls and procedures contained in the laws, regulations and instructions issued by regulatory agencies regarding protecting the rights of shareholders and treating them equally. The company seeks to ensure all the rights prescribed for shareholders of all kinds, by protecting the basic rights of shareholders related to the registration and transfer of ownership, participation and voting in the shareholders' general assembly meetings, dividends distributions, obtaining regular information about the company, participating in decisions related to amendments to the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association, including amendments to the capital, As well as decisions regarding any unusual transactions that have effects on the company's fate or the course of its activities such as the merger, sale of a tangible part of its assets, or the abandonment of subsidiaries; emphasizing the importance of disclosing the capital structure or any arrangements that may give some shareholders control over the company while emphasizing that all shareholders are treated equally, including small and foreign shareholders, and enable all shareholders to view the minutes of the general assembly meetings and give them the opportunity to question the Board and correct any violations of their rights and provide information and data to shareholders in a timely manner to allow them to fully exercise their rights and understand the full picture of the company's activities and all related aspects.